2-day Weekend TEFL Practical Teacher Training Course


20-hour Practical TEFL course 

The 2-day practical course is an important component to your development as a TEFL teacher.

Learning Outcomes

      The two-day intensive Practical Weekend TEFL Course will:

Introduce and give you practice in understanding the basic principles of classroom management.

Teach you fundamentals of giving and checking instructions and using the board effectively.

Give you practice in a variety of techniques to elicit and check the meaning of new language.

Give you a basic understanding of phonetics: phonemes, word and sentence stress.

Allow you to experience learning a foreign language.

Clarify the difference between what goes into teaching Young Learners, Business English and Online Teaching.

Give you practice in planning  both a system lesson and a skill lesson using suitable frameworks.

Provide you with constructive feedback in teaching practice.

Guide you into finding work in the TEFL industry.

Delivered by Cambridge DELTA teacher trainers.

Includes a valuable TEFL Practical Course manual.

20-hour Practical TEFL Teaching Certificate.


TEFL Practical Course

20-hour / 2-day Weekend Course only.

R1360Discounted by R500
2-day Practical Teacher Training
TEFL Practical Course Manual
Lesson Planning & Teaching Practice
Skills Assessments & Reflective tasks
Certificate in TEFL Practical
Do this course before, during or after the 120-hour online TEFL course. For complete TEFL teacher training and certification.


TEFL Practical Course Dates & Venues



Courtyard Hotel Rosebank, Cnr Oxford Rd & Tyrwhitt Av Rosebank View Map.

05 – 06 October 2019

02 – 03 November 2019

07 – 08 December 2019

11 – 12 January 2020



City Lodge Hotel Durban, Cnr KE Masinga Rd & S Ntuli Rd Durban View Map

14 – 15 September 2019

Other Dates to be Announced soon 2019 / 2020


Cape Town
319 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town –View Map

12 – 13 October 2019

09 – 10 November 2019

30 Nov – 01 December 2019


TEFL Practical Program

Day 1

Saturday – 8 am to 5pm

Day 2

Sunday – 8am to 5pm

TEFL Course Material Manual

Learning Outcomes

Teaching Young Learners,

Teaching Business English,

Teaching Online

Classroom Management

Eliciting and Checking Meaning

Teaching Receptive Skills lessons (Reading and Listening)

Pronunciation / Phonetics / Word and Sentence Stress

Teaching practice and teacher trainer feedback

Teaching a Systems Lesson (Grammar and Vocabulary – Foreign Language Lesson (using the PPP framework)

Teaching practice and trainer feedback

Teaching reflections

Finding work in the TEFL industry

Home Reflection Task

Combined TEFL Course Reflections

What some of our teachers are saying about our training

“It really helped me understand the difference between TEFL teaching and traditional classroom teaching. I can’t imagine only getting the online certification and not doing this practical course. It is so important for 360 degree understanding” Jordyn Thoohey. Cape Town.

“The training was wonderful. Powerful material to use within my English classroom”. Safwaan Ibrahim, Joburg

“Absolutely fantastic. Insightful and the Course materials was well balanced“. Sharon Malan, Joburg

“The training and materials were great and very useful. I’m starting my first teaching job in a week’” Olivier Torrent, Joburg

“Awesome and very interesting. I learned a lot and I’m already a teacher. Great course material” Hanlie Marais, Joburg

It gave me the confidence to succeed in TEFL classroom. I feel that this practical was essential to TEFL online course and should be a compulsory requirement”. Raylene Nicholson, Cape Town

Experience practical teaching. 

Discover your strengths as a teacher.

Learn valuable practical TEFL skills. 

Observe, learn, practice and be prepared.