(ESL) English as a Second Language Online Schools

As we evolve in these ever changing and interesting times, people are finding new ways of learning from their home or “on the go” on their hand devices.

 Cheaper internet costs, convenience and flexibility for students wanting to study and converse online are just some of the advantages of why online schools are become a major medium of teaching the world over.  

 There are hundreds of online ESL schools servicing the huge China and South East Asia market with over two billion people. Many other areas in Europe, South America and Africa are growing at an amazing pace.

 Where in the past ESL schools were unregulated, many governments have laid down the law with online schools. Countries, like China, enforce strict rules on hiring ESL teachers. One of the rules is that teachers must be trained and be TEFL / TESOL or CELTA certified.   

 There is always a high demand for certified native and/or fluent English teachers from the mainly the six native English-speaking countries, (UK & Ireland, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa). Most online schools are always actively recruiting qualified TEFL teachers from these six countries. View our website ESL Job feed for latest listings.

 Let’s have a look at just some of the more prominent ESL online schools, their qualification requirements and an idea of how much they pay qualified teachers.

 Remember, online schools, like any business, cater to different customers. Most will teach young learners only and others will perhaps focus on adults or businesspeople. Some online apps will offer conversation English practice only. This is easy tutoring and can be done on a cell phone. However, teacher pay tends to be at the bottom end of the scale with these conversation apps. You should do some research as to which sector you would want to teach.

 TEFL SA does not endorse or have any affiliation with the schools below. The information is to be used as a guide. TEFL SA is not responsible for errors and /or omissions.


Rates in per hour in US Dollars

Online Schools that require a degree (in any field)

Hujiang          12 – 20          GoGoKid                 14 – 20

SayABC          15 – 28          iTutorABC               14 – 24

Nicekid           15 – 24         Orange Talk             18 – 22

    Liulishuo         17 – 22         Boktutors                13 – 18

    Ingo               15 – 20         DaDa                      16 – 25      

    Say ABC          15 – 25

Online Schools that don’t require a degree

Berlitz               9 – 15     Right Learning             10 – 12

EnglishDom        9 – 10     QuQuABC                   17 – 23

eTeacher Group   5 – 10     HelloKid                     5 – 14

Open Languages10 – 15    Iboux                         5 – 15

IQBar                12 – 16    Go For Languages       12- 16

Online Schools offering Teaching Via Smartphone/Tablet/Apps

Cambly           10               Palfish                     10-18

The Talk List   10                Face Talk                 3 – 10

Rype App        9 – 11          Edoo Pad                 5 – 15

Boxfish           20 – 22        SnapLingo               18 – 22

Jiliguala Ed     18 – 21         Tutoring                 10 – 14

Online Freelance Platforms

Creating a profile with a platform that connects teachers with students. While some of the above teaching apps provide this service, below are some PC/Laptop based providers of this service. You set your own hours and rates so there are no average salaries listed.

   Tutorme          iTalki         Verbling        Café Talk      Verbal Planet

As you will quickly note, you are likely to get paid more if you have a degree.


If you don’t have one, then expect to get paid a little less in the beginning.


You can always work your way up by putting in the hours and gain experience to a higher pay grade. Use this experience to apply to other schools, as everyone values experience above all else. In fact, it’s quite common for teachers in this industry to work for more than one school to cover the hours and income required.

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