Teach English as a Foreign Language

Accredited TEFL Teacher Training Courses

International TEFL courses with TEFL South Africa. Flexible Online study and Combined weekend practical training. Unbeatable value TEFL packages from R1590. Jobs Abroad or Online teaching assistance.

Why Take a TEFL  Course?

The TEFL, Teach English as a Foreign Language, course is a gateway to a career as an English teacher to other language student.

English is the “global language” of commerce, business and communication. TEFL teachers are in high demand the world over.

Our TEFL online and in-class courses are designed to provide the candidate with skills and qualification to enter a career in English teaching to foreign language students.

Teach English with Confidence

Learn how to teach students from young learners to adults. You’ll gain the confidence to walk into a roomful of students and deliver interesting and relevant lessons to young learners and adults.

Start a teaching job immediately after a TEFL qualification.


Is the TEFL for you?

The TEFL course is designed for all native and fluent English speakers who want to gain a internationally recognised English language teaching qualification. 

A career as an English teacher to foreign language students is a rewarding one in many ways.

The TEFL course is a popular choice for school and university graduates who want to take a gap-year to travel and teach English. Also ideal for many who want to take a break from their demanding or boring jobs or even change or revive their teaching careers.

The idea of traveling to exotic foreign lands and exploring new cultures and learning new languages while earning income teaching English is a reality with many TEFL teachers throughout the world.

The TEFL certificate is a versatile skills qualification required by employers of ESL, English as a Second Language, teachers worldwide. 

The TEFL course also serves as an excellent complementary skills course for those interested in gaining a PGCE or teaching diploma.


TEFL jobs overseas or online

The high demand for qualified TEFL English teachers in non-English speaking countries, means a job placement is virtually guaranteed for course graduates.

You may also choose to teach online through the many specialist ESL online schools platforms. Teach English via Skype from anywhere in the world you may be.

You can start earning as soon as you complete your TEFL course and certification.


Online & Combined TEFL Courses

Gain International Certification within 4 weeks and start a new career as an English teacher

 “The only things I regret are the things I didn’t do” Oscar Wilde